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You tube community forum > YouTube Community Talk > Script Writing And Role Playing > Blu-ray Video/Media Player for Windows 7/8/10
Blu-ray Video/Media Player for Windows 7/8/10
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 Posted: Sun Oct 5th, 2014 03:12 pm



Summary : Blu-ray Player Software for Windows 7,Windows 8 Blu-ray Player Software, Blu-ray Video/Media Player for Windows 10.

After spending the past two years in damage control mode over Windows 8, Microsoft will officially begin a new era for its OS on Tuesday, when it’s expected to unveil a preview of Windows’ next major version during an event focused on enterprise customers.

After the success of Windows 7, Microsoft misread the market with Windows 8 and botched the product’s user interface, leaving a trail of many unhappy customers, especially in the consumer market.

Among businesses, Microsoft encountered much resistance to upgrade, as many CIOs clung to the very stable Windows 7, and took a pass on Windows 8 and its subsequent revisions, afraid that the UI, optimized for touch-screen tablets, would confuse their users, lead them to revolt and affect productivity.

So it’s not a surprise that the first look of the next generation of the OS—referred to unofficially as Windows Threshold and Windows 10—will be directed specifically at businesses.The major drawback users are ranting about this newest operating system from Microsoft is the inability to play Blu-ray discs. According to different sources, Microsoft is paying $2 for every copy of Windows being sold just for it to play Blu-ray discs. And with the decreasing number of Blu-ray users, they simply opt to remove this feature. So how can you play Blu-ray on Windows 10 Easy, install a third party Blu-ray player Software that supports Windows 10.

UFUWare Windows Blu-ray player is a professional Windows 7/8/10 Blu-ray player which can compatible with Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7,Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 . It helps you play Blu-ray movies as well as all the other media and video formats on your PC easily. Moreover, this powerful Windows Blu-ray player also offers you to personalize your settings. You can change the background of the interface and share on the social websites through this Windows Blu-ray Player.

Step 1: Install UFUWare Blu-ray Player for windows 10.

If you want to enjoy the Blu-ray movies on windows 10 PC/Laptop/Notebook, you need to install a Blu-ray drive on your computer. And then install UFUWare windows 10 Blu-ray Disc/Blu-ray ISO Player to your computer.

Step 2: Load Blu-ray Discs or Blu-ray ISO Files to the program

Insert your Blu-ray disc into the Blu-ray driver. Next, open your Blu-ray movie by just pressing the “Open Disc” in the main interface to select Blu-ray drive and then click "OK" button to load the Blu-ray directly. You can now enjoy your Blu-ray movies on windows 10 PC/Laptop/Notebook. (Tip: When you want to play the Blu-ray ISO image file, you need to load Blu-ray ISO image file to the virtual drive firstly, the open method is the same with loading Blu-ray disc.)

Another option is to load Blu-ray folder, you can click "Open File" button to directly select the Blu-ray folder and click "OK" button, now you can watch the Blu-ray movies on windows 10 PC/Laptop/Notebook.

Step 3: Start to play Blu-ray ISO Files or Blu-ray Discs Movies on your windows 10 PC/Notebook.

After all above settings, you can click "Play" button to enjoy your favorite Blu-ray movies on windows 10 PC/Laptop/Notebook at home with wonderful video quality. If you want to stop playing the Blu-ray disc, you only need click Stop Button and eject the Blu-ray movie.

Blu-ray Player Software for windows 10

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Best Blu-ray Video/Media Player Software for Windows 10/Threshold

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