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You tube community forum > YouTube Community Talk > Script Writing And Role Playing > Black Dragon Pool tourist information 1021
Black Dragon Pool tourist information 1021
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 Posted: Tue Oct 21st, 2014 07:31 am



Dark Monster Share is located in the northern of Miyun Nation rock city and non-urban deerskin Off 4 km the stuff level drop of 220 metres, 100 miles away from China. Chunhua, Celestial satellite, Pincha, Luo Yan, Qu, collection, Shen, clinging Tan 18 the name Tan spread in a stuff strong interesting, wonderful, major the pattern.This stuff commonly known as tires Tongkuangyu, thin and lengthy stuff twisting, the area Valley Liangbi extreme odd massive, hilly mountains. is a reliable China travel agency based in USA, which has specialized in inbound  China travel for decades .
The most spectacular feature of the pool is the h2o, which comes from the Yu Long Xue Shan (Jade Monster Snowfall Mountain), is constantly on the hurry down the Yu He (Jade River) to reach Lijiang Old City, making the main source of the drinking h2o program to the old town. The pool is separated into a superficial lake and strong lake by a Five-holed Link right across the center of the pool.China tour packages  The two lakes appear considerably different in colour, with the superficial one in dirty yellow-colored color and the strong one in clear greenish, probably from the 10m difference in h2o detail. Other places of passions in the recreation area include the Five Arizona Framework (Wu Feng Lou) and Celestial satellite Adopting Pavillion (De Yue Lou).

The Dark Monster Share has now become the research and maintenance center of the Tomba, or Dongba, lifestyle, which represents the religious beliefs, lifestyle and the pictography program used by the community group, Nakhi. The Tomba lifestyle has been existing for nearly 1,000 years now, yet it is on the critical edge of oblivion for various reasons. More China City Travel information : Beijing tours
Its pictography language program, including of more than 1,400 picture-like figures and signs, is one of the few hieroglyph extant on earth currently, according to the UNESCO. In the year of 1984, the Tomba Culture Art gallery was established on an isle in the center of the recreation area. The museum stores and shows over 10,000 pieces of traditional artifacts related to Tomba,China Currency  which range from statues, artifacts, information and scriptures etc. The dwelling of the Art gallery itself is a perfect duplication of the traditional, common Nakhi personal complicated. Calligraphy presentations and traditional Nakhi music shows are held outdoor every now and then.

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You tube community forum > YouTube Community Talk > Script Writing And Role Playing > Black Dragon Pool tourist information 1021

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