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You tube community forum > YouTube Community Talk > YouTuber's General Talk > Teach you is simply three stone curing agent
Teach you is simply three stone curing agent
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 Posted: Tue Jul 14th, 2015 09:32 am



In the landscaping stone sale conservation, if the choice of curing agent of poor quality, use unable to play maintenance function on the stone, landscaping stone suppliers lesions, and the subsequent processing and must first remove the failure of curing agent and its cost instead of more expensive. Now the market agent of stone material conserve many brands, quality varies greatly, how to choose a good curing agent. And make the stone has excellent curing effect, it is very important. Therefore, it is a summary of the simple method of judging whether the curing agent is suitable or not.

One, dial the water test

where to buy landscaping stones curing agent with water repellent property, the dial of the pros and cons of the effect of water or not, depending on the drops of water in the cooperation to deal with the conservation of the stone surface will show bead like or diffusion shape and. When the angle theta is bigger, the stone surface dial water better, drops more difficult to penetrate the stone pore, water from the back of the stone is also very difficult to penetrate to the stone surface, thus preventing occurrence of stone disease. When we with his fingers he drops the diffusion, we can observe the diffusion speed drops again gathering, if again gathered faster, said cheap landscaping stone conservation agent dial water more good.

Two, anti fouling test

In stone material surface drop a few drops of sources of pollution, such as tea, coffee, salad oil, soy sauce, ink and other, standing for 8 to 12 hours after using toilet paper wipe and clean water. Observation of surface contamination situation, quality as the curing agent, sources of pollution more difficult to penetrate the stone, therefore caused by pollution degree more low, even doesn't pollute.

Three, blue ink immersion test

Stone on the back of the cement mortar containing calcium hydroxide ionic substances, it is easy to be a lot of water dissolved and then infiltrate into the interior of the stone water spots, Baihua, rust yellow stone lesions caused by. Blue ink belongs to the ionic substances, has some characteristics similar with cement mortar, so can simulate water spot conditions, the following is to provide simple experiment to test curing agent of fast function.

The general steps of the test, the first 2 cm thick stone placed in a shallow dish, into the blue ink solution (20% blue ink and water mixed TU) to drown the 0.3 cm from the bottom of the stone and often join blue ink solution in order to maintain a fixed height, standing for 15 days, observe the blue ink water penetration to the stone surface. Quality good curing agent, blue ink is difficult to penetrate to the surface of the stone, which can determine the maintenance of the curing agent is good or not.

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You tube community forum > YouTube Community Talk > YouTuber's General Talk > Teach you is simply three stone curing agent

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